Tibetan Language Classes

Tibetan Language Classes

Sundays 11AM to 2:00p.m.

We have young Tibetan students who are attending the classes, and we have four different class levels. The teachers are generously giving their time to teach the Tibetan language to help preserve our Tibetan culture and traditions. Also, we have the parents assisting in arranging lunch and refreshments for the students every Sundays.

Tuition: $10.00 per student per month
Hours: 11:00 AM (Morning assembly session)
11:30 AM (Classes begins)
12:30 PM (Recess)
1:00 PM (Classes resumes)
2:00PM (Lunch & Classes ends)

Tseten Wangyal Lungkara
Norbu Samphell
Lobsang Yangphel
Tenzin Lhagyal Langchung

Coordinator: Norbu Samphell (norsamT@aol.com) 773.603.4728

Assistant: Tenzin Lhagyal Langchung (lhagx@aol.com) 773.600.0943

Application Form: If anyone is interested in enrollment, please download (TLC New student Apl 4-1-13), fill out and submit it to Mr. Norbu Samphell.

Tibetan Language Class for Non-Member Students: Any individual (Non-Member student) interested in taking a Tibetan Language Class, please contact either Norbu Samphell lak or President of TAC.

All the terms and conditions are same, except the tuition is $20.00 per student, because the parents of Non-Tibetan students are not responsible for lunch and refreshments.

We hope to preserve you, and that you will preserve our cultural and language traditions.

Thanking you all,

Tibetan Alliance of Chicago